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Analog Mastering - Sound Mixology

Analog Mastering


Audio mastering will polish, cleanup, finalize and prepare your song for radio, CD and online streaming release. It will give you that big sound you’ve always wanted. We will take your final mix and raise the overall volume to the industry standard, add clarity and punch. Every professionally released song goes through this process and we use some of the best compressors, limiters and equalizers to do this.

I follow the latest streaming requirements from Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more! None of my mastering services are completed by bots, only real engineering for the best mastering experience. Your music will be loud without distorting, clipping, or sounding too compressed.

Advanced Analog Audio Mastering Delivery

Run audio through analog gear to add warmth
Gain and Saturation enhancements
Automation on top of compression for extra consistency
EQ to add clarity and punch
Stereo widening
Maximize volume to industry standard level
Unique Mastering to your genre and song
High-quality WAV file

What I need

Please provide me with a WAV audio file that is exported at -6dB by the mixing engineer. Please remove any compressors, equalizers and limiters from the master channel. This is important so that we have enough headroom to get you the best possible master. You can use a cloud-based service such as or