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YAMAHA PDX-B11 Bluetooth Speakers — Wireless Audio

Posted by Michael Venia on

Yamaha, a company that covers audio, along with everything from motorcycles to grand pianos, has always had a great reputation in the audio industry. Everybody loves wireless because it's neat and not annoying to deal with. Yamaha has released its wireless bluetooth speakers to add to its massive product line. The PDX-B11 is available for $179.95 on the Yamaha website. The speaker has an octagonal design with a rugged look and feel. It's hard to make an impact in the wireless speaker scene, and the big-time manufacturer will definitely feel the weight of the competition!

A fairly lightweight speaker for its size, the PDX-B11 surrounded by a thick body of rugged plastic. It's available in black, gray, green, white, and dark blue. You may have to do a search on Amazon to find the extra colors.

If you own one, let us know what you think below!

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