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XLN Audio: Vintage Dry ADpak (expansion for Addictive Drums)

Posted by Michael Venia on

We've featured XLN Audio on before, and again, the've come out with some really great stuff. Introducing the Vintage Dry ADpak expansion for Addictive Drums.  XLN is particularly great for those home studio owners who are on a budget.  With Addictive Drums at a mere $179.95, and the new expansion coming to $59.95, one can be completely set-up with a super set of plug-ins and samples for less than 250 bucks.  That's pretty amazing.

Hear some examples of the Vintage Dry ADpak on XLN's website: here ..We especially like "Nightdriver" by Kungen & Hertigen.

Check out some more info about the Vintage Dry expansion:

Vintage Dry is recorded at the INGRID studio in Stockholm. INGRID is a studio, label, film company and music collective based in Stockholm. Home to artists including Miike Snow, Andrew Wyatt, Amason and Lykke Li. Check out their releases, cool videos and short films!

Special Features

  • Two additional included kit pieces for a late 70s disco thump
    • Sonor Phonic 22x16" Kick
    • Sonor Phonic 14x6.5" Snare
  • Hand Claps from 2 or 4 people
  • Finger snaps from 4 people
  • Lap slaps from 4 people
  • Room channel includes a stereo MS recording run through two API 525 compressors. Perfect for that "glue" effect.

If you dig that old school drum kit sound, and you get a chance to try out XLN's Addictive Drums with the Vintage Dry ADpak expansion, let us know what you think of them!

One more thing..  Since everyone is looking for when AAX plugin updates are coming out, here is a quote from an XLN Audio representative:

We have just uploaded a new AAX64 beta for both AD and AK.

If you have PT11 and are interested in giving it a spin, please sign up here:


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