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Update: Waves AAX Native plugin support (Download Now)

Posted by Michael Venia on

An update to our post on Waves AAX Native plugin support: Because of insane demand, Waves was having some trouble providing a stable download... But Now It Is UP!

Go here for all the downloads and info!

More info from Waves regarding AAX support:

AAX Native is now supported - Download Now

Make sure you install Waves V9 plugins (V9r13 above) prior to AAX Native installation.


  • Waves installers can install all Waves products including Waves License Center. During the installation process, choose the specific products you want to install.
  • V6, V7, V8 and V9 can run concurrently on the same computer V9 installations will override the V6, V7, or V8 versions of identical plugins.
  • Waves V9 cannot be installed on PowerPC (G4/G5) Macs.


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