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Sound Engineering DON'Ts

Posted by Michael Venia on

Over the years as a musician and sound engineer, I can say that I have continuously learned new things everyday. A big reason I taught myself the art of sound was to be able to record and mix my own music as a broke musician. So, I went to school to study sound and I fell in love with it. It trained my ear, taught me how to really capture my music the best way possible and opened doors to many avenues. This article will be just a few thoughts of what NOT to do when recording and engineering music. Feel free to add to this list! Things NOT to do:

1. Forget to hit save (set up auto save in your DAW)

2. Over analyze a mix for too long

3. Rush a track to its release (give it a few days, then come back to it)

4. Leave the monitors turned up when changing mics, cables, or anything

5. Overwork your ears. They get tired and your mixing will only get worse if tired.

6. Mix on headphones. It's good to refer to different sources though

7. Not backup your hard drives about 800 times

8. Set up microphones and hit record without listening to what it sounds like

9. Think you're a mastering engineer if you're a mixing engineer. They are two very different things

10. Settle for a bad take (Musician or Engineer)

11. Drag and drop audio files into Pro Tools - Use the import feature so that in a year, you don't open the session and find that the audio file is missing from that original location.

13. Fix a mix with effects

14. Charge too little as an Engineer!

15. Have this line of thinking... "I'll get it in editing."

16.  If you're gonna talk about the musician, make sure talkback is off ;) (Suggestion from porcubot on Reddit)

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