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Sound Engineer Royalties

Posted by Michael Venia on

Shout out to all you aspiring and accomplished sound engineers. We play a huge role in modern record productions. Only a sound engineer knows precisely how much tedious work and knowledge is applied to taking raw tracks to the next level. I.e add movement, excitement, ear candy, depth, punch, size, color, distance, width, and harmonic distortion. This requires a great deal of work. Tweaking and automating parameters, faders, side chaining, panning and uncoupling a multi mono delay on a stereo track to achieve width all help fill in the gaps, make the music breath and have character. As a result, music transforms from raw tracks to chart-topping singles, but we are not fully acknowledged and in most cases receiving royalties is difficult. Mix engineers must be involved in the creative process to receive any royalties. I believe engineers really add to the create process. Upon completion, the track sounds totally different, sonically much better, but it also moves differently. It would be nice to hear all your thoughts. Should the industry have a point standard? If so, what should it be?

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