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Sonnox Oxford AAX plug-ins available for Pro Tools 11?

Posted by Michael Venia on

For this post, we're doing some more follow-up on Pro Tools 11 AAX plug-in availability.  Sonnox has recently announced a list of their newly updated AAX plug-ins.  This is great news since Sonnox is one of the best and most popular plug-in developers. Sonnox sells their plugins both individually and as bundles.  Check out all the purchase options here.

Info about AAX plugin support straight from Sonnox:

The following Sonnox Oxford AAX plug-ins are now available for Pro Tools 11, Native and HDX :

  • Oxford R3 EQ
  • Oxford R3 EQ + GML option (HD-HDX licences only)
  • Dynamics
  • Inflator
  • TransMod
  • Limiter

The new Sonnox AAX (Version 2) installers will install 32-bit and 64-bit versions, for use with Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 respectively.

The Oxford Reverb and SuprEsser are now in development for AAX (64-bit). We hope to release these as soon as possible.

AAX versions of Fraunhofer Pro-Codec and Restore plug-ins will be available shortly afterwards.

There is also a FAQ list and other useful info about version upgrades on the Sonnox site here

To take advantage of the new AAX format, you may need to upgrade your licenses.  Here's what Sonnox has to say about that:

The easiest way is to check your plug-in registration email. Product codes ending with 'G4', for example NATINFG4 Oxford Inflator, or PTHREQG4 Oxford R3 EQ, will require an upgrade.

Native licence upgrades cost £15 per plug-in

TDM licences can be upgraded to include :

  • AAX Native support @ £15.00 per plug-in
  • AAX DSP support @ £50.00 per plug-in

Native licences can also be crossgraded to support AAX DSP on Pro Tools HDX systems. Please click here for further information and pricing.

You will need to know your plug-in serial number and account User ID before you can upgrade.

With more and more plug-in developers updating to AAX, it is becoming more and more convenient and necessary to upgrade to Pro Tools 11.  If you have upgraded, and updated your plugins to AAX, we'd love to hear about your experience with the process..  Comment below!

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