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SOL Republic Master Tracks Headphones

Posted by Michael Venia on

These headphones look like they belong with me in my studio collection—at least when I'm recording bass-heavy tracks. The latest addition to the SOL Republic line of over-ear headphones, Master Tracks, boasts interchangeable components, cushy earpieces, and a remote on the cord. SOL Republic has made some bold claims about the durability of the headband and the cord. While their look is unbeatable, Leslie Shapiro from Soundvision cautions that the phones have "a hip-hop heavy, club-like sound" that over-boosts the low end of songs in club-friendly genres like hip-hop, which tend to have plenty of bass to spare, while overpowering the high end on less bass-heavy tracks. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little bass overload if you're into that kind of thing. If you want to kick-pedal your eardrums with booty-thumpin' beats while looking like the tech geek you are inside, these may be the headphones for you.

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