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Softube’s Saturation Knob Plug-In Absolutely FREE

Posted by Michael Venia on

If you're looking to inject your mix with a little more texture and power, give Softube's Saturation Knob plug-in a go. Whether you want to lend some extra sheen or harmonics to your vocals, ramp up the bass, or pack some protein into your percussion, this modeled distortion plug-in kicks your tracks into 3D. Saturation Knob has 3 production modes that allow you to customize the distortion to your liking. Keep High mode distorts the lows and maintains the integrity of the treble. Neutral adds general distortion, and Keep Low throws some fuzz into the treble while treading lightly on the lowest bass ranges.

Softube is known for products that mimic analog production to marry classic and modern. Avid Pro Tools AAX users can get Saturation Knob for free by visiting the AAX Plug-In Offer page on the Avid website.

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