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Softube Spring Reverb now available for Reason users!

Posted by Michael Venia on

Plug-in developer Softube is doing a bang up job keeping up with the DAW market.  They've just announced the release of their Spring Reverb as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead's Reason DAW.  The video above gives us a great rundown of how the reverb sounds and how it can be modified. Here's Softube's list of features for the Spring Reverb:

- Personality and character for your mix - Tension control to shape the spring character and reverb length - Number of spring pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3 - Tube driver simulation with Bass and Treble in the reverb section - Shake control that shakes the springs around - Can be used both as a send and an insert effec - Very CPU friendly

Springs Control the number of springs in use. There are three sets of springs in the reverb unit and you can choose how many of the sets you would like to use. Set the control to ONE for a more pronounced springy sound and to THREE for a smoother sound.

Shake Since we don't want you to smack your computer to get that thunderous springs-being-shaken sound, Spring Reverb features a slider that can be used to accomplish the same thing safely.

Tension Tunes up or down the tension of all three springs. Adjusting the Tension parameter will change the sound of the strings from slow and smooth (left) to quick and harsh (right). Together with the Springs knob, this control is an excellent tool to change the overall character of the reverb.

Bass, Treble and the input stage Authentic tube simulation using the same technology as the Amp Room products on the wet signal.

As another point of great news, Softube is working hard to get their plugins ready for the newly released Pro Tools 11.

We at Softube would like to congratulate Avid on the new Pro Tools 11 release! It's an exciting new version and we are working as fast as we can on getting our plug-ins available in the AAX 64 bit format.

Our plug-ins will be available in the AAX 64 bit format as soon as possible, most probably September. We hope you'll find it worth waiting for!

All in all, Softube is one of our favorite makers of both hardware and software for the audio industry.  So it's great to see that they're striving to be at the head of the pack when it comes to the integration of their products with the industries leading digital audio workstations.

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