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Smoking and Hearing Loss | One More Reason to Quit

Posted by Michael Venia on

Smoking and Hearing Loss What if we told you that women smoke more than men, but not by much? Most people say, "I smoke to relax", but with each cigarette, you inhale a variety of toxic chemicals.: formaldehyde, benzene, arsenic, vinyl chloride, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide among about 1,000 other substances. Relaxed now?

As an audiophile or sound engineer, you should also consider that with every cigarette you smoke, your hearing is at risk. The chemicals in cigarettes can affect both the conductive mechanism in hearing and inner ear function. Studies have shown that the more you smoke, the higher your risk for high-frequency hearing loss. In other words, the more you smoke, the less you'll hear your doorbell or a bird chirping in the backyard. How about mixing music and audio? Smoking can cause many problems in both the short and long terms. Think about those mixes you care so much about or depend on for a living.

Regardless of your age, QUIT SMOKING!

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