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Why Do Pros Use Pro Tools 11?

Posted by Michael Venia on

There are multiple DAWs out there with a lot to offer and many audio enthusiasts and/or audio engineers have a different opinion about what direction to go. Our personal favorite is Pro Tools 11. Avid's Pro Tools has always been a favorite of ours. All the different DAWs accomplish the same thing, but in a different way. So, why do pros use Pro Tools 11? Pro Tools® 11 offers more power, performance, and flexibility than any other DAW—how can it enhance your musical creativity? Avid's Tom Graham hosts an exclusive webinar inside the studio of Dave Audé—the Grammy-nominated producer, remixer, DJ and label owner known for collaborations with U2, Coldplay,, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and others.

  • Watch Dave remix and build a track for artist Porcelain Black using Pro Tools 11
  • Learn the "secret weapon" virtual instrument behind his signature sound
  • Hear Tom and Dave's answers to submitted questions

Why Do Pros Use Pro Tools 11?


Watch the webinar now to learn how a top producer crafts his hits using Pro Tools 11.

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