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Pro Tools Pro Series Plug-ins

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Pro Tools Pro Series Plug-ins

Meet Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic

To create mixes that stand out from the crowd, you need the highest-quality tools. The new Avid® Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic plug-ins for Pro Tools® 11 give you the superior sound and unrivaled performance you need to deliver the best-sounding mixes.

Pro Multiband Dynamics

  • Enhance mixes faster using selective compression and expansion
  • Shape your audio with extensive routing flexibility
  • Create ground-shaking effects in stereo and surround

Generate low frequency signals an octave lower than the sourcePro Subharmonic

  • Punch up bass and percussive sounds for creative music applications
  • Create ground-shaking effects in stereo and surround

Avid Pro Series plug-ins—including Pro Multiband Dynamics, Pro Subharmonic, Pro Limiter,Pro Compressor and Pro Expander——deliver the highest quality processing for AAX DSP 64, AAX Native 64, and AudioSuite 64 formats.


  • Apply and control upward and downward compression/expansion individually in four frequency bands—Low, Mid-Low, Mid-High, and High
  • Enable, disable, solo, and/or bypass bands independently
  • Link all band controls together for easy group control
  • Route each frequency band, post-dynamics, through unique Auxiliary Output Stems for additional processing in other tracks*
  • Use the included Pro Multiband Splitter plug-in to route each frequency band from the original source signal, without any dynamics processing, to Auxiliary Input tracks for unique band-by-band signal processing*
  • Perform advanced techniques by enabling side-chain processing for each band
  • Trigger compression and/or expansion on each frequency band when the signal either goes above or below the set threshold
  • Reduce noise with downward expansion—ideal for post-production dialog where the frequency content of the desired audio is often well-defined
  • Analyze and optimize audio quickly through the easy-to-use FFT-based dynamics interface**, featuring controls for Threshold, Depth, Gain, and Frequency on each band (Gain and Threshold handles can be turned off for a cleaner display)
  • Master mixes with up to 7.1 multichannel support
  • Monitor signals easily with gain reduction and output meters by band and by channel
  • Experience the lowest possible latency when using Pro Tools | HDX and the Pro Multiband Dynamics AAX DSP 64 plug-in on record-enabled tracks
  • Improve Pro Tools | HD and Pro Tools mixes with support for AAX DSP 64, AAX Native 64, and AudioSuite 64 formats**

* Routing features are not supported in AudioSuite in Pro Tools.

** Please note that certain features may not be available, depending on the plug-in format and/or host application being used.

System requirements

  • One of the following Avid systems:
    • Pro Tools | HDX running Pro Tools | HD 11 or higher (AAX DSP 64, AAX Native 64, AudioSuite 64)
    • Pro Tools | HD Native or other Pro Tools | Software system running Pro Tools 11 or higher (AAX Native 64, AudioSuite 64)
    • Compatibility with Media Composer 8.1 or higher (AAX Native 64), and VENUE | S3L-X running VENUE 4.5 (AAX DSP 64) will be announced in the near future
  • iLok 2 USB Key (for Pro Tools and VENUE authorization only; not included)


OS AAX DSP (64-bit) AAX Native (64-bit) TDM HD Accel TDM HD VENUE AAX TDM VENUE RTAS AudioSuite(64-bit)
Mac OS X
Windows 7 and 8
Windows XP

Pro Multiband Dynamics is not recommended for parallel dynamics processing as it can result in phase issues between the processed signal and the unprocessed signal. Like many multiband compressors, Pro Multiband Dynamics uses minimum-phase filters to ensure efficient low-latency processing. However, this results in a signal that does not phase-align with a parallel unprocessed signal. You can use Flip band processing mode for results similar to parallel processing without phase issues or having to set up parallel compression routing.

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