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Pro Tools Plugin and Software Compatibility

Posted by Michael Venia on
There are many versions of Pro Tools and plug-ins that go with it. It can be a little bit overwhelming when updating your computer and software especially this year as Avid have made some big changes with the release of Pro Tools 11 and the AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) format.

Introducing a new generation of Pro Tools plug-ins

AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) is a powerful new plug-in format that lays the groundwork for future Pro Tools advancements. With a wide range of AAX virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins available for both native and DSP-based Pro Tools systems, your sonic opportunities are endless. And starting with Pro Tools 11, AAX gets turbocharged with 64-bit performance, so you can creatively take your music and audio production to a whole new level.

Audio Plug-ins for Pro Tools, Live Sound and Video Editing Systems

Expand your creative palette with a wide variety of professional sound processing, effects, virtual instrument, and utility plug-ins for Pro Tools, Live Sound, and Media Composer family systems. From realistic emulations of classic hardware processors and guitar amps to rich-sounding virtual instruments and effects, bring excitement and polish to your mix. Which format works with my system?

Which format works with my system?


DSP-accelerated 32-bit plug-in platform for Pro Tools|HDX systems running Pro Tools HD 10 software

AAX DSP 64Latest DSP-accelerated 64-bit plug-in platform for Pro Tools|HDX systems running Pro Tools HD 11 software

AAX Native/AAX AudioSuiteNative 32-bit plug-in platform for host-based systems running Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools HD 10, or Pro Tools Express

AAX Native 64Latest native 64-bit plug-in platform for host-based systems running Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools HD 11

RTAS/AudioSuiteFor Pro Tools, Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools Express, Pro Tools MP - versions 10.x and earlier. Also for Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter software

VENUE TDMFor D-Show, Profile, Mix Rack, and SC48 live sound systems

VENUE AAXFor S3L live sound systems

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