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Pro Tools 2019.12 adds initial support for macOS Catalina

Posted by Michael Venia on
Pro Tools 2019.12 adds initial support for macOS Catalina

Avid sent out the following email to Avid Pro Tools users today! Please review what level of support is available with each Pro Tools release here.

We are pleased to inform you that today’s release of Pro Tools 2019.12 adds initial support for macOS Catalina. Please note however that at this time support extends to audio-only workflows and some video workflows. Our goal with this release is to deliver the most functionality possible on macOS Catalina, meeting the needs of many of our customers. However, because Apple has transitioned to a fully 64-bit architecture with macOS Catalina, which affects Pro Tools’ interaction with certain video file types, we are not yet able to deliver full macOS Catalina support for certain video workflows. We are working to deliver full compatibility as soon as possible. Before updating to macOS Catalina, please visit our compatibility page as well as our dedicated Pro Tools macOS Catalina support page to ensure that your system and your workflow is fully supported. All the best

The Pro Tools Team

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