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Pro Tools 2019.6 Download and Info

Posted by Michael Venia on
Pro Tools 2019.6 Download and Info

you will need An Intel® Mac with macOS 10.12.6, 10.13.6, 10.14.4 or 10.14.5 or Intel® PC Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Enterprise 64-bit Editions if you’d like to run Pro Tools 2019.6. Pro Tools 2019.6 include enhancements to MTRX DigiLink I/O Card Support and HEAT, bug fixes and performance improvements.

System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 2019.5 Software

  • macOS Mojave (10.14.4 or 10.14.5), High Sierra (10.13.6), and macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

  • Windows 10 64-bit build 1809

  • Upgrade to a supported OS before installing Pro Tools 2019.6

  • Additional Compatibility Articles


Please review the following documents for important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, issues resolved, etc.

The following articles were updated with the most current compatibility information for Pro Tools 2019.6:


  • Update to the current version of iLok License Manager before activating licenses to your iLok.

  • Pro Tools software requires a valid Pro Tools Perpetual or Pro Tools Subscription iLok license to run. This can be a single license or in a bundle.

  • Pro Tools Ultimate software requires both Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate iLok licenses to run. These can be either Subscription or Perpetual licenses, and are always in a bundle (named "Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual" or "Pro Tools Ultimate Subscription").

  • Pro Tools Ultimate and Pro Tools HD 12.6/later and also require a Pro Tools DigiLink I/O license to use any HD interface. This can be an individual license or can be included in a Pro Tools HD or Pro Tools Ultimate license bundle.

  • Review the licenses on your iLok at or in iLok License Manager

  • See the Support section of for assistance with iLok License Manager, your iLok account, etc.


  • Pro Tools 2019.6 is a full installer (not an updater that requires a previous version installed).

  • Pro Tools 2019.6 uses a single installer for both Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate, only the iLok authorization is different

  • Virtual Instruments and Effects for Pro Tools are installed by the First AIR Effects Bundle and First AIR Instruments Bundle (formerly a single Creative Collection Installer).  Run these in addition to the Pro Tools installer. (more info)

  • Pro Tools HDX/HD Native Mac users, be sure to install the matching HD Driver. The HD driver may be found in the Driver Installers folder included in the Pro Tools download, and as a separate download in your product in your Avid Account.

  • Pro Tools users, please install the latest compatible driver for your Avid interface

  • See the Pro Tools Software Installation article for complete instructions


  • Pro Tools 2018.12 co-install with Pro Tools 10.x is not supported using macOS; use Pro Tools 12.4 or lower for co-install with Pro Tools 10.x

  • Pro Tools co-install with Media Composer (details)

  • Co-install of Pro Tools and Media Composer on Windows does not allow Media Composer to be a Video Satellite (details)

Technical Alerts

  • DigiTest firmware update process with an HD OMNI can take 15 minutes or more. It may appear not to finish, but do not cancel the HD OMNI update.Restarting the computer during the firmware update can leave the interface unrecognizable by Pro Tools (blank scribble strips).

  • See Pro Tools Technical Alerts and Updates for other urgent technical information


  • Pro Tools users on a current Upgrade Plan or Subscription can download the latest installer from their Avid account or from Avid Link

  • Review the Read Me and other docs before installing or updating Pro Tools for known issues that could impact your workflow

  • Upgrades from earlier versions of Pro Tools can be purchased from the Avid Store or Avid Reseller

  • Earlier versions of Pro Tools (back to 12.6) can be downloaded from the Avid Download Center

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