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Pro Tools 12.6 Will Not Activate!

Posted by Michael Venia on
Pro Tools 12.6 Will Not Activate!

For those of you who were excited to jump on Pro Tool 12.6 the day it released, you may have already noticed that you cannot active the new version! This is an issue with Avid. They have confirmed the issue and working to resolve it right away. The temporary fix for this is to install Pro Tools 12.5.2. You can download Pro Tools 12.5.2 below. You do need to have a valid Avid account and license in order to use the links below. 

Secure File Downloads:

Available until: 29 October 2016


You can view the Pro Tools 12.6 read me here and see what's new here! Check back here for updates as Avid work to resolve this issue! 

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