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Pro Tools 12.5 Download and Info

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12.5 Release Notes


Cloud Collaboration & Project Synchronization

  • View our Getting Started content
  • Avid Master Account connectivity in Pro Tools -- Sign on with your existing account details and access cloud features directly in Pro Tools
  • Projects -- A new cloud-based document type. Synchronized to the cloud and cached locally, your work is directly accessible anywhere you can use the internet. Most importantly, Projects can be joined by other users for collaboration. Save Copy In from existing Sessions to Projects, or Import Session Data to Projects to share your existing Pro Tools Session documents.
  • Artist Chat -- Search for and add your contacts from the directory of Avid users who have started using collaboration. Communicate and review changes in chat rooms associated with each Project that contain automatically generated collaboration transaction logs detailing specific contributions and changes.
  • Track Collaboration tools - new track tools and features in the mix and edit window to facilitate the sharing of tracks and track data with your collaborators
    • Shared and private tracks -- Click the track share button on any Audio, Instrument, Aux, MIDI, or Master track to share it with others for collaborative work.
    • Send and receive track changes -- Choose when to post and receive modifications to shared tracks one at a time or for all available changes and optionally set automatic modes to receive or send all changes automatically. Clips and media, plug-ins and plug-in settings, sends, automation, playlists, and nearly all other track data as well as tempo, meter, key, and chord changes and memory locations can all be sent back and forth from system to system.
      • Note: At this time the following session data are not shared in collaboration: Groups, VCA Tracks, Video Tracks and media, Windows Configurations, HEAT settings, and Mic PRE settings.
    • Track ownership -- Indicators on each track show what user is actively making modifications so you can avoid conflicts. You can also make request directly in the edit window
    • Share as frozen -- When enabled, changes to a track are posted to all collaborators as frozen but remain unfrozen on your system allowing you to easily share a flattenend stem to others while your mix stays live, or send important tracks to collaborators who may not have all of the same plug-ins as you.
    • Transfer Management - View all uploads and downloads in the existing Task Manager window

Avid Video Engine

  • The Avid Video Engine in Pro Tools has been updated resolving a variety of legacy issues listed below in the Bug Fixes section
  • Export Timecode with QuickTime Bounce


  • Pro Tools can now Send to Playback XDCAM HD Sequences with Airspeed

Bug Fixes

OS X UI Sluggishness

  • Fixed a set of severe UI sluggishness cases when using OS X El Capitan

Audio Bursts

  • Fixed a noise burst that was reproduced and solved through steps provided by users from the Avid Pro Audio Community that could occur when playing back automation on non-HDX playback engines.

Video Engine

  • Improved some cases with delayed start of playback with AJA Kona card
  • Video frame movements no longer occur when stopping playback with Insertion Follows Playback enabled
  • Fixed a case where the video engine takes a long time to load on certain systems
  • It is now possible to import MXF OP1a created by Adobe Premiere
  • Fixed cases where imported DV Video started 3 frames earlier than the same video opened in QuickTime Player
  • Fixed several specific cases where Pro Tools would fail to import Apple ProRes files
  • Project Type is no longer incorrectly picked for video from AAFs which do not include the first cunk of MXF media
  • Optimized (sample mapped) video codecs such as DNxHD and AppleProRes will now show the appropriate checkbox on clips with 23.976 media.
  • Fixed a case where video playback failed to stop with audio and then looped indefinitely
  • Fixed a crash when cancelling an Online Bounce to QuickTime
  • Playing a single frame selection of H.264 video no longer causes "The Avid Video Engine was unable to stop" error followed by a Pro Tools hang
  • Audio MXFs created with AMIRA and F55 no longer import out of sync with video
  • Fixed a crash when the user clicks "OK" or "Cancel" in the QuickTime Settings window of the Bounce to QuickTime dialog
  • Pro Tools no longer throws errant "Some effects were ignored" messages when opening an AAF with rendered FX
  • Pro Tools no longer fails with the error "Unable to create thumbnails" after switching active video track in large sessions while the video track is set to Frames view
  • Importing a sequence from Interplay no longer fails for 720p59 and 1080p59 project types

Track Freeze

  • A Freeze operation no longer fails if the track selection contains a combination of tracks hosting a ReWire plug-in and other tracks
  • Fixed a case where HEAT processing would be applied twice on frozen tracks after deactivating and reactivating HEAT globally
  • The HEAT Bypass switch is no longer auto-enabled when freezing or unfreezing a track
  • The "Coalesce VCA Master Automation" command can now be undone properly on frozen tracks
  • Frozen tracks are no longer imported twice when using Import Session Data when the Tempo/Meter Map option is checked
  • The "Coalesce VCA Master Automation" command no longer fails if all members of the group are frozen
  • Fixed cases where the global settings of HEAT would not be applied correctly when any frozen tracks were present in the session
  • MIDI Track Offsets are no longer editable for Instrument Tracks while they are frozen
  • Nudging of automation that is not "frozen" on frozen tracks is no longer blocked
  • The commands in the "Cut Special" and "Automation" sub-menus of the Edit menu are no longer blocked for selections on frozen tracks
  • Fixed graphical issues that occurred while Freezing a track in Playlists track view
  • Fixed a case where MIDI notes assigned to a ReWire instrument on an Aux track would all play at once when unfreezing the Aux

Track Commit

  • Fixed a case where clips created by using Track Commit to commit an Edit Selection were placed incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash when enabling the Follow Main Pan option on a track created by a Track Commit operation
  • Fixed a hang that occurred after committing a track with a DownMixer plug-in on it and then removing the DownMixer plug-in
  • Fixed a hang that occurred after committing a track with a D-Verb plug-in on it and then removing the D-Verb plug-in
  • Fixed cases where the names of clips on committed tracks would inherit names from clips on other tracks that contributed in any way to the signal chain of the audio path committed


  • The Cut, Copy, and Paste Special sub-menus are no longer missing from the timeline context menu
  • Moving clips with the Object Grabber no longer causes the next mouse click to be ignored
  • Pro Tools counters no longer display "<Encoding string>" when changing counter type on OS X 10.8.5
  • Fixed a case where MIDI Output was not properly assigned when using Import Session Data with the Match Tracks setting for MIDI or Instrument tracks
  • The "Select Unused Ignores Parent Clip" option from the clip list is now checked by default
  • "Save Copy In.." no longer fails to include clips that are not on the timeline
  • VCA solo functionality is no longer deactivated after changing the group's attributes to "Mix Only"
  • The Shift+R shortcut to record enable tracks no longer fails to record all tracks in a group
  • Fixed an error that caused the Copy to Send command to no longer be undoable
  • Fixed errors that prevented the Export Session Info command from capturing the format, stems and number of instances columns for plug-in details in the exported file
  • Fixed cases where width-changing plug-ins were over-allocated to DSP slots on HDX cards and caused processing errors
  • Fixed a crash when dragging and dropping audio files from the workspace while in Spot mode
  • Fixed a case where an audio file's Date Modified attribute was not properly updated after destructive processing when stored on ISIS
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when closing
  • The "Coalesce VCA Master Automation" command no longer fails if the group is deactivated

Control Surfaces

  • Plug-in windows no longer fail to open when pressing the Dyn, EQ, or Insert buttons on the S6 CPM while the "Open Plug-Ins on Workstation When Editing" setting is enabled
  • Selecting a track in Pro Tools no longer auto-scrolls to the top when selecting past the bank limits of the attached EUCON control surface

System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 12.5 Software (more info)

  • Mac OS X 10.11-10.11.3 (El Capitan), 10.10.3-10.10.5 (Yosemite), 10.9.5 (Mavericks)
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit


Please review the following documents for important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, issues resolved, etc.


  • Pro Tools 12 software requires a Pro Tools 12 iLok authorization (license) to run. This can be a single license or in a bundle.
  • Pro Tools HD 12 software requires both Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools HD 12 iLok authorizations (licenses) to run. These are typically in a bundle.
  • The bonus plug-ins (introduced starting with v12.2) use a Pro Tools Plan or Pro Tools HD Plan license.
  • Review the licenses on your iLok at or in iLok License Manager
  • See the Support section of for assistance with iLok License Manager, your iLok account, etc.


  • Pro Tools 12.5 is a full installer (not an updater that requires a previous version installed).
  • Pro Tools 12.5 uses a single installer for both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD, only the iLok authorization is different
  • Virtual Instruments and Effects for Pro Tools 12 are installed by the First AIR Effects Bundle and First AIR Instruments Bundle (formerly a single Creative Collection Installer in PT11).  Run these in addition to the Pro Tools installer. (more info)
  • Pro Tools HDX/HD Native Mac users, be sure to install the matching HD Driver. The HD driver may be found in the Driver Installers folder included in the 12.5 download.
  • Non-HD users, please install the latest compatible driver for your Avid interface
  • See the Pro Tools 12 Software Installation Guide for complete instructions


  • Pro Tools 12.5 co-install with Pro Tools 10.x is not supported using Mac OS X (as 12.5 isn't supported on Mac OS 10.8.5); Pro Tools 12.4 or lower for co-install with Pro Tools 10.x
  • Pro Tools 12.x co-install with Media Composer (details)
  • Co-install of Pro Tools 12.x and Media Composer on Windows does not allow Media Composer to be a Video Satellite (details)

HDX Firmware Update

  • Pro Tools 11.2.2 and higher requires a firmware update for HDX cards
  • Firmware update takes place during Pro Tools launch
  • The firmware update was tested for backwards compatibility with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and later

Late Breaking Technical Issues

  • HD hardware is not supported by CoreAudio on Yosemite (or later). iTunes users, please check the Read Me. Native Instruments users, click here
  • See the Windows Read Me for limitations with WASAPI support (added in v12.0)
  • Click here for Pro Tools 12.x Satellite Link and Video Satellite compatibility updates
  • Note that not all Audio Interfaces have been qualified with El Capitan.  Click here for more info.


  • Owners of Pro Tools 12 on a current Upgrade Plan can install via the Apps tab in Avid Application Manager(Note that at the time of this writing Pro Tools 12.5 will temporarily not be available in the Application Manager)
  • Review the Read Me and other docs before installing or updating Pro Tools for known issues that could impact your workflow
  • Upgrades from earlier versions of Pro Tools can be purchased from the Avid Store or Avid Reseller
  • Avid Accounts will have the current version for eligible products:
  1. Sign In to
  2. Click on My Products and Subscriptions
  3. Click on a Pro Tools 12 product in your list
  4. Click Show to see the available files
  5. Click on a file name to download the file

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