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Pro Tools 11 - The Industry Standard for Audio Production

Posted by Michael Venia on

The countdown begins! If you're reading this post, you're probably as excited as we are about Avid's upcoming release of Pro Tools 11 - the latest update of the standard bearer of digital audio production - at the end of May. The system's retooled audio engine will reportedly generate new levels of sound recording horsepower, including 64-bit execution, that will dwarf Pro Tools 10's already-stellar processing power. We don't have to yammer on ad nauseum about what Avid's latest juggernaut will be able to do (after all, if you're into audio production, you've probably heard it all already). But here's a small sampling:

  • low-latency monitoring
  • multiformat HD video editing and playback within the Pro Tools timeline
  • lightning-fast offline bounce for mixing
  • redesigned metering display

Check it out for yourself:

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