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Pro Tools 11 Delay Compensation

Posted by Michael Venia on

Some of you have probably noticed that the Pro Tools 11 Delay Compensation isn't working. I was trying to export a fairly large session the other day and I heard a delay on the vocal and drum tracks that I did not intentionally add. I thought it was something simple that I was missing, but after looking through all the tracks and settings thoroughly, I knew something was either different or buggy in Pro Tools 11. I came across this video that  Mike Thornton over at Pro Tools Export published on YouTube and it was very informative.

The key thing to say is that it is not a bug. Pro Tools is working as it is designed to, however under certain circumstances connected to cascading tracks and using audio tracks for stems, it appears as if there is an issue, but there are two ways to resolve it and we show them in this video.

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