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Pro Tools 10.3.9 Update

Posted by Michael Venia on

Now available — Pro Tools 10.3.9 update for Mac and Windows. Registered owners of Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools HD 10 can download full installers from the Avid Knowledge Base. For Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools HD 10

Version 10.3.9 is officially qualified and recommended for:

  • Pro Tools|HDX systems on Mac OS X 10.7-10.7.5, 10.8, 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 or Windows 7 SP1 (details)
  • Pro Tools|HD Native systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7-10.7.5, 10.8, 10.8.2 to 10.8.5, or Windows 7 SP1 (details)
  • Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt systems on Mac OS X 10.7.5, 10.8, 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 (details)
  • Pro Tools|HD Accel systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7-10.7.5, 10.8, 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 or Windows 7 SP1
  • Pro Tools systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7-10.7.5, 10.8, 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 or Windows 7 SP1

Note:  Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is NOT supported by Pro Tools 10.3.x.  Click here for more info.

*For Mac Pro computer support with Mountain Lion, a Nehalem (4,1) or later is required.  Click here for a full list of Qualified Apple computers with Pro Tools.  Click here for more info on Mountain Lion OS compatibility.

Pro Tools 10.3.9 Read Me & Additional Notes

The Read Me file documents important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, etc.

Pro Tools HDX

  • Support for the Magma ExpressBox 7 (EB7) and ExpressBox 3T (EB3T). See HDX System Requirements for more information.

Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt

Pro Tools HD Native PCIe

Pro Tools non-HD systems

  • Click here for System Requirements


  • Pro Tools 10.x software requires a Pro Tools 10 iLok authorization (license) to run
  • Pro Tools HD 10.x software requires both Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools HD 10 iLok authorizations (licenses) to run
  • Upgrades from v9 or earlier can be found here
  • Review the licenses on your iLok at or in iLok License Manager
  • See the Support section of for assistance with iLok License Manager, your iLok account, etc.


  • Pro Tools 10.3.9 is a full installer
  • Avid recommends uninstalling your current version of Pro Tools prior to installing 10.3.9
  • Re-install the Drivers for your non-HD interfaces after a Clean Uninstall
  • Pro Tools 10.x uses a single installer for both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD. The installation is the same for both, only the iLok authorization is different
  • The Pro Tools application is not automatically added to the Dock on Mac OS X, but can be manually added by dragging the application icon to the Dock
  • See the Pro Tools 10.3 Software Installation Guide for complete instructions


  • Pro Tools 10.3.9 and Mac OS X 10.8.5 are supported for co-install with Pro Tools 11.x  (details)

o    Mac OS X: Pro Tools 10.3.9 is NOT qualified with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

o    TDM Driver Support:  When co-installing Pro Tools 10 and 11 with HD Accel TDM hardware, do NOT install the HD 11 drivers Satellite Link

Late Breaking Technical Issues

Heartbleed/Open SSL Information


  • Review the Read Me file before updating to 10.3.9 for known issues that could impact your workflow.
  • The Avid Virtual Instruments installer was updated to 10.3 on Mac to add support for Gatekeeper, whereas this installer remains at 10.0 for Windows. If needed, these files can be found in your Avid Account or through the Pro Tools 10.3 Downloads page.
  • Click a link below to download the installer:

Pro Tools 10.3.9 Installer (Mac) [2384.3 MB]

Pro Tools 10.3.9 Installer (Win) [1821.21 MB]


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