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Thomas Graham insider's perspective on Pro Mixing

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Avid will be hosting pro mixing webinars to help Engineers all over the world better their skills when it comes to mixing music and/or sound for picture. There are endless techniques and methods to achieve a nice mix. See details below for more details. - Via

Pro Mixing Webinars

Pro Mixing Webinars

Mixing music and/or sound for picture is a creative adventure filled with many unique challenges. From ensuring that the overall mix sounds the best that it possibly can to dealing with a wide array of clients and workflows, short deadlines, and last-minute rearrangements or picture edits, learn how you can work smarter and faster by tuning in to our Pro Mixing Webinars.

Each 30-minute webinar, which can be viewed right from your computer, will feature many aspects of mixing music or post-production sound, as well as tips, gear discussions, and tutorials to help you advance your skills and make the right technology investments, followed by a Q&A session. And if you can't make the scheduled event, you can watch the archived version anytime—we'll post the latest webinar to this page shortly after its conclusion.

Meet Your Host: Thomas Graham

Avid marketing manager Thomas Graham is a veteran engineer/recordist/editor who's worked on music scores for dozens of feature films, including Ice Age, Collateral, and The Spirit. Get his insider's perspective and expertise each quarter in our Pro Mixing Webinars.

Robert Scovill

  • Pro Tools|HDX Webinar with Abbey Road Studios

    Creating an Indie Film SoundtrackAvid hosts Tony Cariddi and Tom Graham chat with Abbey Road's Simon Campbell, Chris Bolster, Paul Pritchard, and Andrew Dudman to find out how Pro Tools|HDX and a new approach helped reposition the studio for success. Find out how they stay relevant—and profitable—in today's changing industry.

  • Creating an Indie Film Soundtrack

    Creating an Indie Film SoundtrackHost and sound supervisor Tom Graham of Avid and special guests—re-recording/ADR mixer Scott Weber (Person of Interest, LOST), Foley mixer Geordy Sincavage (Person of Interest, Welcome to the Rileys), composer Sean Halley, and director Brian Barnhart (The Ballad of Angel Face, Hollywood Gothic)—share an in-depth look at how to create a professional soundtrack on an indie budget.

  • Discover better workflows with special guest Mike Shipley

    Discover better workflows with special guest Mike ShipleyJoin Grammy-winning mix engineer Mike Shipley (AC/DC, Def Leppard, Maroon 5) and Avid’s Tom Graham, Gil Gowing, and Bobby Lombardi as they discuss mixing techniques and the advantages of Pro Tools|HDX and HD Native systems.

  • Tracking with Pro Tools|HD Native and ICON

    Tracking with Pro Tools|HD Native and ICONCreating great sounding tracks all starts before you hit Record for the first downbeat. Does your DAW rise above latency distractions and deliver the best sound quality possible? Avid's Tom Graham, Brian Carter, and Gil Gowing share their tips and insight into tracking and mixing a full rock trio—during the actual recording session—using a host-based Pro Tools|HD Native system and ICON D-Control.

  • Post Production Workflows with Jonathan Wales

    Post Production Workflows with Jonathan WalesTackling hundreds of dialog, ADR, sound design, Foley, and music tracks and crafting them together into a cohesive, dynamic mix that enhances the visual–against tight deadlines–is a mighty challenge. See how Hollywood's Sonic Magic uses Avid solutions to accelerate their workflow in our excusive video interview with special guest, sound re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales (The Last ExorcismSaw,Meet the Parents), as they discuss Avid solutions, workflows, and overcoming the challenges of mixing sound for picture.

  • Avid Pro Mixing/S5 Fusion

    Whether you mix music or audio for post or broadcast, Avid offers a wide variety of consoles and control surfaces to help you work faster and easier. Join Avid's Tom Graham and Rich Nevens for an overview of Avid's pro mixing line, get a closer look at the hybrid S5 Fusion, discover the advantages of having both DSP capability and EUCON DAW control in the same console, and get your questions answered.

  • ICON D-Command In Depth

    Get the most out of your ICON D-Command console. Join Avid specialist Jeff Komar and host Tom Graham for a deep dive into the console features and functionality, and learn faster, more flexible ways of approaching your mixing. Get tutorials and tips for using custom faders, mapping plug-ins, working with VCAs and mix templates—and more—for pure mouse-less Pro Tools control.

  • Mix Smarter and Faster with C|24

    Join host Thomas Graham and special guest Richard Furch, mixer (Prince, Usher, Macy Gray) and owner of, as they discuss how C|24 enables you to focus more on your mix—not on your computer screen. Discover features that'll speed up your Pro Tools mixing efficiency. See what you can do with C|24 that you can't do with a mouse.

  • Feature Film Sound Design with Pro Tools HD 8 and ICON

    Join Avid specialist Jeff Komar, as he demonstrates how sound can play a vital role in setting the mood of a scene, and help drive the story. With horror hit My Bloody Valentine as the film canvas, learn the techniques for designing, editing, and mixing sounds with Pro Tools HD 8, ICON D-Command, and Video Satellite technology.

  • Film Music Composition with Pro Tools HD 8 and ICON

    Join Avid specialists Brian Carter and Jeff Komar, as they build a musical score for a scene from horror hit My Bloody Valentine using Pro Tools HD 8, ICON D-Command, and Satellite Technology, showing why these state-of-the-art solutions are the top choice of professional music studios and post-production facilities around the world.

  • Scott Weber on Mixing TV Hit Lost with ICON

    Want to learn how to mix surround sound for high-def film or TV productions? Join special guest Scott Weber, lead mixer for the hit television show Lost, at a leading Hollywood dub studio, as he discusses how he approaches his craft and what you'll need to know to succeed in the business.

  • Mixing Surround Sound Audio for HD Picture with ICON

    Join hosts Thomas Graham and Gil Gowing, as they take you through some of the powerful things you can do with an integrated Pro Tools and ICON system and Satellite technology. Find out how you can fit these solutions into your post workflows that demand the highest quality audio.



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