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Paper thin speakers

Posted by Michael Venia on

Thanks to nanotechnology scientists, we may see paper thin speakers in the near future! Some people don't care about fancy or neat improvements to their studio and others live for the updates. I personally hate wires but I don't entirely believe in the wireless audio world at this point (especially when working with professional audio). This however, is going to be a major milestone.

Sound waves are created by oscillations in air pressure, and an ordinary loudspeaker generates these via a mechanical vibration of a membrane. But air pressure is also altered when the air gets hotter or cooler. So the thermal oscillations of Arnold and Crandall’s platinum film also generated a sound wave – without any of the cumbersome, heavy electromagnets used to excite vibrations in conventional speakers, or indeed without moving parts at all.

Find out more about this study by Andrew Barnard and colleagues at the Pennsylvania State University.

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