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New Mac Pro and Pro Tools

Posted by Michael Venia on

Apple have finally released the new Mac Pro with unbelievable dimensions: Height: 9.9 in, Diameter: 6.6 in, Weight: 11 lb. The old Mac Pro tower is 40 lbs! It seems impossible to combine the size, sleek design and power all into one computer. Apple pulled it off. What does this mean for Producers and Audio Engineers? For one, you can transport the computer a lot easier than the old Mac Pro. The power is also a perk. You can see benchmarks coming out as early as November for the new Mac Pro 6 Core.


If it's in your budget to upgrade or build your new studio, take a look at combining the all new powerful Pro Tools 11 and Mac Pro. The New Mac Pro can be configured to cost $10,000 if you want to go all out.

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