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Neil Young takes Pono to Kickstarter

Posted by Michael Venia on

Kickstarter is getting a new project come March 15: Neil Young's PonoPlayer device currently under development. What is Pono, you ask? It's a digital format that promises to present music true to the quality of the original recording. In short, it will offer the highest resolution digital audio available anywhere. This may not be a huge deal for the average listener.. But for those who have the high-end ears and the high-end amplifiers, it is a chance to experience your favorite music in a more perfect setting. That is pretty damn cool.




The Pono Kickstarter project will offer a discount for those who choose to purchase a pre-order.  The full-price of the device will cost $399 from A bit pricey.. but so are Dr. Dre headphones. This demand for the "best possible quality" may prove to be just what the industry needs..


Neil Young on the David Letterman show discussing Pono:

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