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Maschine Studio - The NEW Native Instruments Groove Production Flagship

Posted by Michael Venia on

Fresh off the Youtube press: Native Instruments has announced their new flagship groove production system.  Germanically named "Maschine", it includes the hardware: Drum Maschine Studio, and the Maschine 2.0 software.  According to the  buzz on Youtube, this seems to be what a lot of people have been waiting for. More info on Maschine from Native Instruments:

MASCHINE is the ultimate integrated hardware/software system for beatmaking and professional production. Much more than a drum machine, MASCHINE is a groundbreaking instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, effects and an incredible sound library – united in a smooth, super-intuitive workflow.


The world of MASCHINE is constantly expanding. The latest leap forward delivers new hardware, in a choice of black or white, and with highly sensitive multicolored pads. New software offers color-coding, new effects and more, plus the legendary synthesizer MASSIVE. The ever-growing range of MASCHINE Expansions provides tailored contemporary sounds, personalize your setup with MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS. And for the perfect viewing angle, check out the MASCHINE STAND.

Honestly, this thing looks pretty sweet, and one of the best parts is it's integration with plug-ins and DAWs.

More info on that:


When you’re ready to expand, MASCHINE STUDIO is, too. Load any VST or Audio Unit plug-in into one of 16 sound slots in any of MASCHINE STUDIO’s unlimited groups. What’s more, every channel can also host unlimited effect plug-ins for customized unique chains – limitless room to play.


MASCHINE STUDIO fits right into any setup. Load MASCHINE as a VST, Audio Units or AAX plug-in in any DAW.
Open several instances of MASCHINE 2.0 and toggle between them from one controller – limitless creative potential and ultimate convenience. MASCHINE STUDIO’s big displays give you clear feedback letting you focus on precise functions from the hardware while using your computer screen to monitor essential DAW functions without ever switching between windows.

And the question for many of us:  How much does Maschine cost?..

Here is the breakdown:


Flagship Groove Production Studio $999.00



Classic Groove Production Studio $599.00



Compact Groove Production Studio $349.00

Get it NOW: here

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