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iOS 7 Voice Memo App

Posted by Michael Venia on

Production Trends is very excited about the new iOS 7 Voice Memo app. In this post, I used an iPhone 4 running the iOS 7 beta 6 to record my voice and the very appealing sound of me munching on chips. Great success! This awesome redesigned application features a new icon showing wavelengths of a sound recording against a white background. The recording interface has also been redesigned with a new look. Recording can be initiated by hitting a large red button, and a timeline with sound wavelengths scrolls in real time as the memo is saved. Very similar to DAW's, only simplified.

You have the choice of stopping and resuming the same recording. When tapping Done, users can then enter a name for their new recording, and it is saved. A list of saved recordings can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Hope you all enjoy this audio clip. Our team at Production Trends are always interested to read about your thoughts and comments. What do you think of the sound quality of i OS 7 's voice memo app and can you identify the sounds in the recording? Give it a try.

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

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