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Gobbler: A Dropbox for Musicians (75% off sale)

Posted by Michael Venia on

Some of you may have heard of or have experience with Gobbler. Basically, it's a Dropbox for musicians.  It's great for uploading, organizing, and configuring tracks on Soundcloud (at least, that's what we've used it for).  But there are other great features as well..

Here's nice long list of features from the Gobbler website:


Your files are irreplaceable. So is our backup built for media.

  • File changes are monitored in real-time and automatically backed up.
  • Un-delete old projects and restore previous file versions through historical snapshots.
  • Drives can be disconnected during backup, and when reconnected will continue backup where it left off.
  • Drives can be moved between different machines and backup will continue from where it left off.
  • Gobbler avoids interference with recording by pausing during any CPU-intensive tasks.
  • Snooze and restart Gobbler to free up bandwidth, and backup picks up where it left off.
  • Deduplication avoids redundant backups, eliminating space taken up by duplicate files. common in multiple versions of a project.
  • Proprietary lossless compression backs files up to the cloud rapidly.


Lossless Compression. Send and receive GBs of data fast.

  • A variety of industry-standard lossless compression algorithms - carefully optimized for media files - speeds transfers and reduces costs compared to generic file transfer services.
  • Gobbler de-dupes all files in the cloud and makes sending entire projects back & forth fast and easy.
  • File transfer only sends & receives changes, deeply decreasing transfer times.
  • Send projects & files of any size, to any number of recipients.
  • Zipping files is not required to speed uploads to Gobbler.
  • Gobbler maintains master file quality and integrity throughout transfer.
  • Send files to anyone, not just other Gobbler users.


One view for all your files. Never lose track of work.

  • Gobbler scans your drives to catalog the locations of all your work.
  • Easily search and browse your catalog, including offline projects, to locate file whereabouts.
  • Files on disconnected hard drives are still tracked when unplugged.
  • Catalog automatically updates whenever changes are detected.
  • Geo-location records the last known location of any scanned project.
  • Tagging is available to further customize organization of your work.
  • Catalog is accessible via secure login on any computer that has Gobbler installed.
  • Integrated Souncloud API allows users to create sets, organize & upload their bounces.

Security & Privacy

Gobbler takes your security and privacy very seriously

  • All transmission of file data and metadata occurs over an encrypted channel.
  • Files stored on the cloud server are 256-bit AES encrypted.
  • No users can access your files unless you choose to share with them.
  • Gobbler uses Amazon S3, your data is distributed over several large-scale data centers.
  • Amazon uses military grade perimeter control berms, video surveillance, and professional security staff to keep their data centers physically secure.
  • Amazon S3 provides protection against network security interference such as packet sniffing, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.

And here's a great piece of news:  For the next week, Gobbler is selling their 50Gb year plan for 75% off the normal $80 price.  That's a year of Gobbler for just $19.99.

Take advantage of the offer here

But, even if you don't purchase a Gobbler plan for the storage, the application is still a great organization tool!  So check out the free 5Gb plan, and get to organizing your music the smart way.


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