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Cubase 7 Overhaul

Posted by Michael Venia on

Cubase 7 has entirely redesigned its digital audio workstation (DAW) system. The sonically enhanced MixConsole has a mean-looking interface, efficient workflow, better visibility, and more tools than ever to choose from. The adjustments flow gracefully. The system also offers full-screen mode, total scalability, and rapid access to functions that are most closely related to whatever you're working on. The interface also expands to laptop screens and even bigger displays.

The channel layouts are extremely flexible. You also get 12db boost and dedicated processing power per channel, outstanding controls feel, and on- and off-line automation tools. MixConsole produces uncompromising audio quality with huge headroom and a transparent sonic signature to expand your engineering options.

Cubase Channel Strip offers a pro console that sounds and looks brilliant.

More features:

· Noise Gate - Simple and effective

· 3 top end compressor models

- Standard : accurate compressor

- Vintage : classic sound

- Tube : warm and colorful

· 4band – studioEQ with spectrum analyzer

· Envelope Shaper

· Transient designer

· Tape & Tube Saturation - Adds warmth and punch.

· Limiter, Brickwall Limiter, Maximizer

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