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Avid Webinar: New S6 Mixing Console

Posted by Michael Venia on

Avid is calling it "Mixing Redefined" - the all-new S6 Control Surface.  You can register for this upcoming webinar where Tom Graham will be giving an in-depth presentation on the new S6 as well as a live Q&A session!  As Avid's marketing manager, as well as being an accomplished sound engineer, Graham knows his stuff!  Check out this Avid blog entry that Graham wrote back in September on the unveiling of the new console.  It even has some nifty diagrams of S6 ergonomics.. sweeet! Register for Tuesday's webinar here

Features of the S6 Control Surface provided by Avid:

  • Customizable, expandable modular surface
  • Visual feedback & professional metering
  • EUCON control for Pro Tools, Logic & more
  • Ergonomic, intelligent layout
  • Tilting 12.1" multi-touch touchscreen
  • Control up to 8 workstations at once

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