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Avid Release Pro Tools 12.7.1

Posted by Michael Venia on
Avid Release Pro Tools 12.7.1

Avid release Pro Tools 12.7.1 with many bug fixes and performance improvements. You can update Pro Tools using the all new application manager.

Bug Fixes 


  • Deleting automation on a frozen track no longer deletes underlying clips as well (PT-224661)

  • Clearing a time selection that begins before a fade out within a clip and ends outside of the clip, after the fade, no longer fails to clear the fade out as a part of operation (PT-223910)

  • UI stuttering in the edit window no longer occurs when adjusting clip gain (PT-224370)

  • Fixed a case where the new playlist created by an overlap made while a track is in Waveform track view would be created in the wrong playlist order (PT-222733)

  • Restored the behavior of Insertion Follows Playback during Pre-Roll that existed prior to Pro Tools 12.6. The insertion point is once again placed where the play head stops during the pre-roll (PT-220982)

  • Fixed a case where multi-channel clip groups would break if they were dragged over an Aux, Master, or VCA track (PT-224183)

Clip Effects

  • Fixed a case where applying cursor focus to the Clip Effects view could lock out keyboard input (PT-224379)

  • Fixed a case where focus was not correctly restored to the Clip Effects view after switching between Pro Tools and another app (PT-223549)

  • Using the keyboard shortcut to access the Clip Effects view no longer incorrectly focuses a field in a text entry state (PT-224091) 


  • Fixed a case where automation could be deleted without warning when changing the width of a track's main output (PT-224495)

  • Fixed a case where MIDI CC automation would not be played back correctly until reaching a new break point (PT-224233)

  • Unexpected automation ramps no longer occur intermittently when using the Punch Preview command after the Back and Play command (PT-211468)

  • Fixed cases where -9155 Automation Too Dense Errors would be thrown by sawtooth-like automation within a very small number of samples (PT-223818)

  • Fixed a case where track volume settings (volume levels without written automation) between +6db and +12db would be received as +6db by collaborators in a collaboration (PT-224848)

Soundbase and Workspace

  • Files auditioned in the workspace while the conform to session tempo setting is enabled are now correctly delay compensated according to the current system delay (PT-202849)

  • Relinking and indexing of files that are more than 6 or 7 folders deep no longer fails (PT-220471)

  • Copy and Relink performance for operations containing more than 2000 files is significantly improved (PT-223544)

  • The Tags pane in soundbase no longer fails to update dynamically when removing and returning a folder with audio to the Sound Libraries location (PT-223825)

  • Fixed a case where the contents of the Sound Libraries location may not be indexed properly after being renamed and then renamed again to "Sound Libraries" (PT-223964)

  • Fixed a case where the clip outline drawn to show placement of a file dragged from the Workspace browser would appear on the wrong track if there are hidden tracks in the document (PT-224050)

  • Fixed a specific UI glitch that could occur when dragging and dropping audio files to the Edit Window while using a Windows OS (PT-224104)

  • Fixed several tagging issues in Soundbase that could occur while using non-English language characters

  • Fixed several minor UI and selection issues within the Workspace browser

Crashes and Errors

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when starting playback shortly after any use of the audition path, particularly following an AudioSuite audition and render (PT-223588)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when playing a stereo clip that had been created by combining two mono clips if one of the mono clips had a crossfade (PT-225461)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting a clip group of six mono clips with individual edits into a 5.1 track (PT-225367)

  • Fixed a crash that occur during session open if the video engine needed to be enabled and then the session open operation was cancelled (PT-224339)


  • Fixed an issue where projects created in previous versions of Pro Tools may not download in newer versions of Pro Tools (PT-224695)

  • The Hardware Setup window is no longer launched unexpectedly after updating the HD Driver without first uninstalling the previous HD Driver version (PT-224011)

  • Fixed a momentary parameter value ramp up that would occur in the Channel Strip plug-in on C, Lss, Rss, Lsr, Rsr and LFE channels of surround instances immediately after any offline processing task completed (AAX-1437)

System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 12.7.1 Software


Please review the following documents for important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, issues resolved, etc.


  • Note that there are new licenses required for Pro Tools 12.6 and higher.  Please check your iLok account for newly deposited licenses (starting in mid-Sep 2016) before installing Pro Tools. If you do not see your new licenses please contact Avid CS using the "Access The Support Center" link in your Avid account or the "Contact Support" link on the Contact Audio & Music Support page.
  • Update to the current version of iLok License Manager before activating licenses to your iLok.
  • Pro Tools 12.7 software requires a Pro Tools Perpetual or Pro Tools Subscription iLok license to run. This can be a single license or in a bundle.
  • Pro Tools HD 12.7 software requires both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD iLok licenses to run. These can be either Subscription or Perpetual licenses, and are typically in a bundle (named "Pro Tools HD Perpetual" or "Pro Tools HD Subscription").
  • Pro Tools HD 12.6/later also requires a Pro Tools DigiLink I/O license to use any HD interface. This can be an individual license or can be included in a Pro Tools HD license bundle.
  • The bonus plug-ins (introduced starting with v12.2) use a Pro Tools Plan or Pro Tools HD Plan license.
  • Subscriptions as well as new Pro Tools Software and Pro Tools HD Software/Systems only include licensing for v12, though Reinstatements continue to provide license bundles that include v10/11/12.
  • Review the licenses on your iLok at or in iLok License Manager
  • See the Support section of for assistance with iLok License Manager, your iLok account, etc.


  • Pro Tools 12.7.1 is a full installer (not an updater that requires a previous version installed).
  • Pro Tools 12.7.1 uses a single installer for both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD, only the iLok authorization is different
  • Virtual Instruments and Effects for Pro Tools 12 are installed by the First AIR Effects Bundle and First AIR Instruments Bundle (formerly a single Creative Collection Installer in PT11).  Run these in addition to the Pro Tools installer. (more info)
  • Pro Tools HDX/HD Native Mac users, be sure to install the matching HD Driver. The HD driver may be found in the Driver Installers folder included in the 12.7.1 download.
  • Non-HD users, please install the latest compatible driver for your Avid interface
  • See the Pro Tools 12 Software Installation Guide for complete instructions


  • Pro Tools 12.7.1 co-install with Pro Tools 10.x is not supported using Mac OS X (as 12.7.1 isn't supported on Mac OS 10.8.5); use Pro Tools 12.4 or lower for co-install with Pro Tools 10.x
  • Pro Tools 12.x co-install with Media Composer (details)
  • Co-install of Pro Tools 12.x and Media Composer on Windows does not allow Media Composer to be a Video Satellite (details)

HDX Firmware Update

  • Pro Tools 11.2.2 and higher requires a firmware update for HDX cards
  • Firmware update takes place during Pro Tools launch
  • The firmware update was tested for backwards compatibility with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and later

Technical Alerts

  • DigiTest firmware update process with an HD OMNI doesn't appear to finish, but canceling before the HD OMNI reboots can leave the interface unrecognizable by Pro Tools (blank scribble strips)
  • See the Windows Read Me for limitations with WASAPI support (added in v12.0)
  • Click here for Pro Tools 12.x Satellite Link and Video Satellite compatibility updates
  • Not all Audio Interfaces have been qualified with El Capitan, Sierra, and later macOS versions.  Click here for more info.


  • Owners of Pro Tools 12 on a current Upgrade Plan can download the 12.7.1 installer from their Avid account or from the Apps tab in Avid Application Manager
  • Review the Read Me and other docs before installing or updating Pro Tools for known issues that could impact your workflow
  • Upgrades from earlier versions of Pro Tools can be purchased from the Avid Store or Avid Reseller
  • Avid Accounts will have the current version for eligible products
  1. Sign In to
  2. Click My Products and Subscriptions.
  3. Click a Pro Tools 12 product in your list.
  4. Click Show to see the available files.
  5. Click a file name to download the file.

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