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Avid | Interplay Pulse Multi-Platform Distribution

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Interplay Pulse simplifies, speeds, and unifies distribution of content to diverse channels and devices, enabling broadcasters to shape a total audience experience. Interplay Pulse links production with distribution to web, mobile and social media outlets by orchestrating workflow and automating file preparation and transcoding. It provides a single interface within iNEWS or Interplay Production to create and deliver content to any selected destination platform. Check out Avid's Interplay Pulse: here

Benefits of Interplay Pulse multi-platform distribution

Deliver a cohesive, multi-channel audience experience

Interplay Pulse provides a platform to strengthen your brand affinity, build audience share, and increase ad revenues by more efficiently and effectively reaching and engaging audiences across the most relevant platforms for you.

Add compelling, complimentary content

Addressing new media consumption trends and the need to easily create and deliver compelling, complimentary content, Interplay Pulse provides a seamless, integrated workflow for content distribution to multiple channels.

Future-proof your investments

Interplay Pulse leverages existing systems and accommodates your business needs and market requirements as they change and expand.


Seamless workflow integration

Seamless workflow integration

Leverages iNEWS and Interplay Production to simplify and extend your existing workflows, and provide access to assets and metadata through a single interface to create, version and publish content to various platforms.

Story sharing

Story sharing

Enables on-air and web journalists to share assets and stories by automating content sharing between iNEWS and a web CMS to improve overall asset re-use and minimize redundant content acquisition.

Social media publication

Social media publication

Lets journalists leverage video, pictures and text to develop compelling social media messages as part of the core creation process. Video assets are automatically transcoded and published to the online video platform with video links embedded in the social message.

Story-centric publishing

Story-centric publishing to any platform

Journalists can focus on creating a compelling story and easily publish to any platform from iNEWS or Interplay Production using fully automated transcoding and delivery processes with integrated review and approval.

Avid Professional Services and Avid Advantage support

Avid Services and Avid Advantage support

Avid Services employs industry-standard workflows and best practices to position your organization for growth and profitability. Once deployed, Avid Advantage support helps ensure your continued success.

Key Benefits

Leverage existing infrastructure and business relationships

By leveraging existing technologies and investments to consolidate content creation, adapt workflows and orchestrate distribution, Interplay Pulse helps increase the ROI of your existing investments while remaining open and extendable as your needs change.

Improve workflow efficiency

The workflow orchestration provided by Interplay Pulse drastically reduces the number of steps in the production process by managing transcodes, uploads and other complexity in the background. This not only eliminates unnecessary manual steps, but also speeds your time to delivery across all platforms.

Enable story-centric collaboration

Interplay Pulse provides a single interface for creation of TV, web, mobile, and social media that's seamlessly integrated in either the Interplay Production or iNEWS workflow. It enables on-air and web/social journalists and content creators to collaborate more effectively, while maintaining appropriate review and approval processes.

Interplay Pulse is an automated solution for streamlined publication to online, social, and mobile platforms directly from iNEWS and/or Interplay Production. Providing a simpler and more efficient publishing capability, Interplay Pulse improves content coordination and brand extension across channels, while eliminating steps and optimizing resources.

Interplay Pulse makes this possible through:

  • Intelligent orchestration of asset and metadata flow from creation, transcode, and delivery
  • A media services bus and thorough integration with iNEWS and Interplay Production
  • Standard connectors to transcode, social, online video and Web CMS solutions
  • APIs to create additional connectors as necessary


Interplay Pulse leverages the infrastructure investments you’ve already made in web, online video, transcoding systems, and social platforms to extend your existing workflows and improve operational and organizational efficiency.

Transcoding Harmonic ProMedia Telestream Vantage
Social Media Twitter Facebook
Online Video Platform (OVP) YouTube Brightcove Kaltura
Web Content Management Solution (WCMS) Internet Broadcasting Atex

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