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Avid Everywhere - Leading the Industry Forward

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It all begins with an idea - and Avid have this idea to connect creative professionals and media organizations. Avid Everywhere allows professionals with an idea to produce, monetize and distribute their work for the enjoyment and pleasure of others. Avid Everywhere starts with a common services platform. This will be accessible through a common interface across web, mobile and desktop devices. Avid’s industry-leading creative tools for editing and mixing are also a key part of Avid Everywhere. Avid is heading in the direction of taking the media industry to the next level. The company is taking the step in being visionary leaders in the industry. The future is on the web (sharing, collaborating, cloud storage etc.).

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Avid S6 - Mixing redefined

Designed for the most demanding production environments, the Avid S6 control surface is a scalable, future-ready solution for sound recording, editing, and mixing. Offering revolutionary modularity, ergonomics, and speed, Avid S6 delivers the performance needed to complete projects faster while producing the best sounding mixes.

What is Avid S6?

Avid redefines mixing once again with the all-new S6 control surface. Leveraging the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families in a revolutionary new modular design, S6 delivers superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control, providing an intuitive, immersive experience for the modern sound engineer. And because it's built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals in the most demanding production environments, S6 delivers the performance you need to complete projects faster and deliver the best sounding mixes possible.

Note: S6 is coming soon—contact Avid or your local reseller to see how S6 can help streamline your workflow and to pre-order your own surface.

ISIS 5500

Get the unrivaled performance, protection, and real-time collaboration you need to accelerate editorial workflows in a smaller, more affordable, shared media storage system for post production, small broadcast, education, and corporate environments. The successor to the popular ISIS 5000, ISIS 5500 offers even greater scalability, collaboration, and value, to fit smaller budgets and workgroups.

Built for real-time collaboration

ISIS 5500 is designed to address the needs of media professionals. Not only does it enable collaboration, it encourages it, allowing up to 90 Avid and non-Avid editors to connect concurrently and simultaneously access the same media in real time. Share up to 8 million files. Scale workspaces on the fly. And with the new 64 TB configuration, you can easily expand your system to over 300 TB of RAID 5 protected usable storage.

A smarter, more open workflow

More than just shared storage, ISIS 5500 is a workflow-connected platform that tightly integrates with Avid ingest, asset management, editing, and playout systems for a completely optimized end-to-end workflow. But it also welcomes the use of third-party editing applications too, including Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also connect from Mac-, Windows-, and Red Hat Linux-based clients for maximum facility-wide connectivity.

Elegant simplicity, with exceptional power

From intuitive, web-based system management tools to the highly efficient file system, ISIS 5500 is the easiest, most reliable way to store assets, accelerate editorial, and scale capacity, access, and bandwidth. Thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture and metadata management, you gain more time to focus on creative work, as the system intelligently handles data redistribution to deliver predictable performance under all load conditions.

Proven and trusted

Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made ISIS their storage solution of choice. That’s because ISIS provides absolute peace of mind with proven reliability, redundancy, and protection. With ISIS 5500, it’s easier than ever to accelerate your production efficiency now, with room to grow in the future.

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