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Audeze LCD3 Headphones

Posted by Michael Venia on

If you're willing to drop almost $2,000 on headphones, you've got a discerning audio sensibility (or you just have way too much money and should give some of it to us). If you're not feeling generous today, check out the Audeze LCD3 professional reference headphone. Audeze has ramped up the bass, mids, and treble to give you some bang, crash, strum, and wail for your many, many bucks. A vertical leap from the LCD2 model, this one features a thinner planar magnetic diaphragm, Zebrano wood cups, and lambskin leather or a leatherless suede microfiber material. In their headphones reviews, Digital Trends lauded the LCD3 for "lifelike detail, near perfect frequency response, immense stereo image, excellent balance, and gorgeous, ergonomic design" while panning the price and weight.


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