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Apple EarPods or In-Ear Stereo PolyPhones with Remote & Mic

Posted by Michael Venia on

People love headphones, whether they be in-ear or over the ear. My studio seems to be perpetually overflowing with different headphones, and I'm constantly looking for the next perfect pair. Invariably, I look to Apple. Apple has set a standard, or "style," of releasing all-white earphones. Apple's latest EarPods, which come with the latest iPhone 5, are quite impressive. You can pick them up for $30 on the Apple site... Or you can check these alternative in-ear PolyPhones, on promotion for $15, that are still the classic all-white look.

Only U.S. and Canadian customers will be eligible. Sorry, rest of the world.

Below are the specifications to the In-Ear PolyPhones:


  • In-ear earpieces molded for maximum comfort and sound isolation
  • Water-resistant ABS cylinders
  • Conveniently placed remote control and microphone on the cord
  • Carrying case included
  • Full-range frequency response
  • Compatible with every iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other phones, tablets, and devices with a 3.5-mm headphone jack – however, keep in mind that the mic and remote volume control may not work with some devices, including earlier Apple models
  • Sensitivity: 109dB
  • Impedance: 23 oHMs
  • Frequency response (high): 21 kHz
  • Frequency response (low): 5 Hz
  • Available in classic white

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