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Amazing Animated Score: Bartók, String Quartet No. 2, 2nd mvt (smalin youtube)

Posted by Michael Venia on

Production Trends loves ourselves some classical music combined with new media technology!  This video, created by youtube contributor smalin, is one of his best so far.  The music is from one of the famous Béla Bartók string quartets, the 2nd movement of the second quartet.  It was written in reaction to the horrors of the First World War - something to consider when listening to the piece. What's so great about these videos (smalin has made tons of them) is that they illustrate not just pitch and rhythm, but also instrument, attack type, and harmonic relationships (shown as color).  These videos have tons of replay value, and are extremely accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike.

While we're at it, here are some more of our favorite smalin youtube videos:

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