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Ableton Live 9 steps it up

Posted by Michael Venia on

Props to Ableton Live 9 for designing such a genius digital audio workstation (DAW)! We love Ableton because it excels in both production and live applications - not always the easiest gap to bridge. Its powerful yet user-friendly interface allows you to record, mix, master, and edit seamlessly. Optimized sound browser

  • Comes with 3000 production-ready sounds!
  • Live’s sound browser is efficient and effective.
  • Drag and drop folders from any drive into the browser.
  • Search as you type.
  • Samples, instruments, effects, Packs and VST/Audio Unit plug-ins clearly displayed in one easy-to-navigate view.
  • Navigate by keyboard

Record automation into clips with curve

  • Session view allows you to create automation on the fly within loops.
  • Curve automation performances make automations sound more musical.
  • Make extreme parameter changes effortlessly.

Analogue glue compressor

  • Ableton’s new glue compressor is modeled on a classic compressor. This compressor takes you back to the 80’s while maintaining impeccable digital sonic fidelity. Sounds fantastic and is extremely easy to use with minimal set of controls.
  • As engineers we are told to use our ears only. With the new displays achieving dynamic sounds is easy. (i.e. transients shown in compressor display window)
  • Both Gate and EQ Eight have been enhanced visually and sonically.

Convert and change audio to midi

  • Sing a melody, record percussion, beatbox or slap your face. The keyboard now becomes your voice. Reuse the captured sounds in any session by using Melody or Drums-to-midi feature.
  • Use the Harmony-to-Midi feature to obtain notes and chords from original audio stems.

So, after trying it out, I have concluded that, in my opinion, Ableton 9 is the most superior workstation for production. I am Pro Tools certified and a huge fan - especially with Pro Tools 11 coming out soon. However, Ableton 9 will, without a doubt, be used in conjunction.

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