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Audio Mastering

High end analog mastering will polish, cleanup, finalize and prepare your song for radio, CD and online streaming release. It will give you that big, warm and punchy sound you’ve always wanted. We will take your final mix and raise the overall volume to the industry standard, add clarity and punch. Audio mastering starting at $10!

Audio Mixing

Mixing involves leveling, EQing, compressing, adding effects, editing/repairing audio and/or MIDI. Think of mixing as putting the pieces together to complete what has been recorded raw. This is the phase that comes right after recording. Once mixing is completed, it is time to get the audio mastered. Audio mixing starting at $65!

Music Composition

Need a custom composition piece for a commercial, documentary, feature film or just a personal project? We provide partial or full featured recordings including acoustic and electric guitar, drums, strings, keyboard, drums and vocals. Let us know what your project needs are and we're happy to help.